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Plushie Care

How do I get rid of wrinkles and lumps on my plushie?

Some of our plushies are very chonky, so to be able to ship it across the world, we have to vacuum pack it. Therefore, they may have wrinkles and lumps when you first take them out of the packet. But no worries! These wrinkles will ease out the longer your Plushies & Co plush is out of its bag. Remember to give it a good shake and pat down to let the lumps ease out as well! 

How do I wash my plushie?

Here is a complete guide on how you can wash your chonky plushies:

1.Use the gentlest cycle available on your washing machine.

2.Wash our plushie in cold water using a mild detergent.

3.If disinfecting is a concern, use warm water or consider using a product like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer, which is safe on both whites and colors, unlike chlorine bleach.

4.If the plushie is small enough to fit in a launderable mesh bags or duvet cover this would also be a plus. Padding the drum of the washer with towels can also add another layer of protection. Recommended!

5.Air-drying will be the gentlest choice, and a hairdryer turned on low heat can help to fluff up the fur once the plushie has reached the just-damp stage (think of it as a finishing touch!)

How do I choose the right size?

This is a fairly common question and in all honesty, there is no “right” size! This is completely up to you. Though we do find that the bigger sizes are definitely more satisfying to cuddle. When choosing a plushie size it's always good to imagine how big it will be in real life before purchasing our plushies.

What material do you use for your plushies?

Our plushies are filled with High Quality PP Cotton so be sure to experience the softest and squishiest plushie.

Shipping & Payment

My credit/debit card keeps declining?

Having trouble paying for your new plushie with your credit or debit card? If you are, please contact your bank and us via for help.

Do we ship internationally and how much does it cost?

Yes - we ship worldwide. The shipping costs 2.99$.

We offer FREE shipping on orders over 50$.

How do I track my parcel?

Once your order has been confirmed our team will begin to prepare your products for shipment. Once your parcel is ready we will hand your parcel over to a third party logistics company who will then process your parcel for shipment, which is when you will recieve a shipping confirmation email (usually takes 2 to 5 business days). Please make sure to mark our emails as safe and to check your spam inbox.

We want you to be confident when shopping with Plushies & Co, so you will receive shipping updates via email.

How do I pay in my own currency?

Please use the currency menu at the top of the page to check the prices in your own currency.

You can now also pay in your own currency after choosing your currency at the top of the page using the currency menu.

Where are you based and where do you ship from?

We're a EU based company, but for us to be able to ship super-sized plushies worldwide at an extremely low cost for all our lovely customers we produce and dispatch our gorgeous plushies from China. We ensure that our plushies are the highest of quality and crafted with care, so rest assure that you are getting the softest and squishiest plushie.

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