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Chonky PeePee Plush

Plushies & Co ™ 40cm / White Chonky PeePee Plush

Chonky PeePee Plush

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Kinda long, kinda chonk, the absolute unit!

Meet The Chonky PeePee Plush, a giant cuddly penis that packs some obscene girth. This stuffed cock can get up to nearly 32 inches long and has slightly cute black little eyes that you could get lost in if you tried. We recommend you don’t try though. Explaining to a bystander why you were gazing longingly at a humongous plush chode is no mean feat.

Two PeePee colors - which one do you prefer?

  • Comical Design - Being kept warm by a fluffy Chonky PeePee? It's the dream of any woman!
  • Soft & Squishy - Quite like the real one - your other half can feel comfortable. Stuffed with premium cotton!
  • Hilarious gift - Make your loved one burst out in laughter!
  • Easily washed - Keep your fluffy PeePee clean at all times... all it takes is some soap and water.

We know the bigger the size, the better...

Sizes Available: 40CM, 60CM , 80CM (Very big...)

(Please note: this is not an accurate to scale version of a human peepee.)



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Here's what our customers have to say about us ❤️

Diagnosed with anxiety last October, and since this fluffy chonky boi arrived he has definitely helped, so very thankful.

Sarah L.

I could literally hug them all day UGH WHY IS HIS FACE SO CUTE. I bought 3 plushies from here so far and I have to say the seal is the cutest.

Angelie S

I have my chonky angery boy sat up on the window to watch outside, he's been waiting patiently trying to spot another angery boy he hasn't found anything yet, i shall keep you all updated while I go back on to chonky site and buy another

Jess F.

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