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Pepe the Frog Plush

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Pepe the Frog Plush

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We've all seen the viral meme, and now you're able to relive it in real life...

Pepe the Frog became an internet sensation... very quickly - memes were soaring the internet, the frog was all over social medias, and now you're able to finally bring happiness to his face.

Combining depression, stress and of course humour - the Frog Plush is the perfect addition to any home. We know you want to own your own Frog Plush, but it's even better when given as a gift - the receiver will burst out with laughter when they open their present.

  • Comical plush, bringing humour to the home - You're now able to relive the moment of an internet sensation... Pepe the Frog
  • Soft & Squishy -  Designed in a soft plush material - it's perfect for long-service use, and adding to your collection of other plush's.
  • The perfect gift - Birthday? Christmas? Even anniversary? Our Frog Plush is bound to bring out the funny side of the receiver.
  • Easily washed - Keep your frog fresh at all times - all it requires is a simple hand wash.

Yes - the frog appears depressed, but it's also very adorable and squidgy.

( Size: 42CM )


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